Ditch the Steps

DesperateIf 12 step programs work for you, great! When you’ve got an addiction or any other kind of life threatening problem and you find relief from it, keep going with that. The problem is that 12 steps programs grossly fail to address many of the issues facing addicts and people with other addiction-type problems. They mean well but they just don’t work for everyone, and the people these programs have worked for are very slow to admit that they don’t work for everyone at all. In fact, most people from 12 step programs will claim that they do work for everyone– who “sincerely” tries them.

See through the big lie

If you’ve been working a 12 step program and it’s failing you, don’t give into the big lie that you’re not trying hard enough. The fact is you may need a non 12 step rehab to get the job done. There are dozens of other types of programs that are out there right now that might help you with any emotional struggle you’re going through. A 12 step program may not be for you.

Non 12 step rehab

All non 12 step rehabs have another avenue of approach that works for their clients. They offer group projects as well but they don’t involve the 12 steps. If you’ve tried 12 step programs until you’re tired of them, and you’re tired of seeing them NOT work, then it’s time to try something new. If you have an addiction, you’re life may depend on trying every program at your disposal to see which one works for you. Rest assured, if you keep looking for the answer it will one day come. It might just be in the form of a non 12 step rehab program.


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