Signs Your Loved One May Need To Get Some Help

1Too many people are sick with substance abuse. Too many people unwilling to get the help they need. Are you facing a similar situation? Do you know someone who needs to get treatment but is too caught up in themselves to ask? Are you unsure of whether or not the person is sick or just having a bad day?

Below you will find some signs you need to watch out for.

1) Is the person becoming increasingly distant with you and other loved ones? Does the person tend to blow activities off that they normally would not? This is the first thing to look out for. Many consider this to be the warning sign that something is wrong.

2) Does he or she sleep a lot during the day? Does he or she blow off work and other things to be alone and drink or get high? Has the person traded in normal passions for drinking and/or getting high? The occasional drink to celebrate something or let some steam off is one thing. When he or she continues to do this for months on end, then it is safe to say there is a problem.

3) Is the person becoming more agitated when you come in contact. Do they get angry and confrontational when you ask them a simple question about their life? Do they tend to spend most of their time looking to get high or having a drink?

Something To Think About

These are simple clues but they do say a lot. Many times a person gets involved with substance abuse because they are trying to escape something. They are trying to escape a traumatic event. They are trying to escape depression and drown their sorrows. They may have even gotten in with a bad crowd. This is not your fault. It never was. This is about them and whatever demons they are battling. They need help before it becomes too late.

See non 12 step rehab to find some resources on how to handle this problem and maybe even get the person some help.


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